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The Mooney Twins
January 25, 2013 - January 26, 2013
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Jan 25
Jan 26
The Mooney Twins

The Mooney Twins are comedians, health educators, motivational speakers, and self-help advocates. They have been into holistic health and the human potential movement for over 20 years. Daryl and Dwayne Mooney bring information, personal experience, and common sense to empower people to make conscious choices that can change the quality of their lives. The Mooney Twins have spoken in lecture halls across America. What makes them unique is how they are able to use over 20 years of stand up comedy experience to share a message of health and empowerment. As stand up comedians, they have performed in comedy clubs around the country and have been seen on BET’S Comicview, with their special brand of humor they call “Conscious Comedy,” which deals with current events and the social ills that affect our society, such as racism, sexism, the media, and mis-information. The Mooney Twins follow in the footsteps of great stand up comedy legends such as Dick Gregory, their mentor, and Paul Mooney, their father. Like these master joke-tellers, the Mooney Twins possess a special ability to make people laugh and think. They have also co-starred in the motion picture called The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. With their mixture of stand up comedy and dynamic speaking skills, the Mooney Twins discuss such topics as natural health, self-esteem, cultural pride, and self-determination.

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