“I have performed at Garrett’s club so many times and I enjoy myself every time I’m there. The vibe of the club is just so powerful, and now with their stronger emphasis of mixing on these great Blues performers, it’s just a fabulous idea and a unique experience that will be a must-see here in Los Angeles. Plus, with Garrett performing and singing, I even catch myself just watching the show mystified at his talent and energy. He truly is an entertainment legend.” – actress and comedian Luenell



“We love Garrett and really want to help him launch this beautiful new venue in huge way. Every actor or actress loves to get on stage in front of people, and doing this type of performance is really going back to our roots for many of us. I can’t wait, and I expect this Blues and Comedy Festival to be a great time.” – actor and comedian Jonathan Kite, who joins Garrett on the cast of 2 Broke Girls



“It is an honor to be able to perform at Garrett Morris’ Downtown Blues & Comedy Club and to take the stage with such an entertainment legend. Garrett is highly respected by those of us within the entertainment industry, though he is probably not viewed with the iconic reverence that a trailblazer like himself should be viewed. I am grateful to both Garrett and Kevin for providing me the opportunity to host Hire Level Thursdays and, as someone still young in the industry, I look forward to the continued mentorship they both provide.” – actor, comedian, and writer Justin Hires